20 Şubat 2011 Pazar



This is the first time i am writing to my blog which i have created a long time ago. I will try to write more frequantly. Even i live in Turkey and my native language is Turkish, i will try to write also in English. English is not my native language therefore i am totally sorry for all mistakes. :)

Well, first English blog will be about my scarf collection. Collecting scarf is really difficult and expensive hobby. Nowadays you can find very cheap scarves from China and also there are a lot of producer in Turkey that you can find scarves like 2,5 - 3 €.  But the question is, do these scarves really worth to buy? E.G; you may find Milan's supporter group Fossa dei Leoni's scarve 2,5€, but this scarf will never worth as much as the original Fossa dei Leoni scarf which is bought from the group in Italy.

I am starting to share my collection below. Actually I have those fake scarves too but I also have original scarves that I bought during my trips to abroad or inside of Turkey or my freinds gave me as a present some store scarves. I have been collecting supporter groups scarves too. My collection has been growing day by day and I will be keeping to share my new scarves from here.

I hope you will enjoy with my collection. You can find my twitter account under the banner, if you have any question please do not hesitate to ask. I want to thank to all of my freind who contributed to my collection.

P.S: I am not selling any of these scarves for now, but i can think to exchange some of them.

Thank you for reading

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